These are all the Simpsons Couch Runs as of 12/14/2000 (courtesy of

The ones marked with stars are already part of the Couch Run Conglomerate.

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1 Bart is squeezed off and pops into the air; during the shot of the TV, he is seen coming down
2 The couch falls apart when everybody is on it
3* Homer is squeezed off his side of the couch
4* Maggie is squeezed off and pops into the air; she comes right down into Marge's arms
5** Everybody fits on the couch
6* The couch falls through the floor
7* The "Simpson Shuffle": everybody is in a line in front of the couch; they do two "Egyptian struts" (right arm up, left arm down, wrists at 90-degree angles) in one direction, then two in the other, then sit on the couch with arms in a "ta-da" position.
8* The couch unfolds into a bed
9 Maggie ends up in Marge's hair
10* Everybody fits, including Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II
11 Grampa is lying on the couch sleeping
12* Homer tips the couch over sideways; Maggie falls off, but lands on a couch cushion which is on the floor
13* The couch is gone; everyone looks around the empty spot
14 Homer bumps the others off the couch
15* The couch tips over backwards; Maggie pops up from behind it
16* The couch tips over backwards, and everybody crashes through the back wall
17* They sit, then Homer pulls Santa's Little Helper out from beneath him
18* Everybody forms a pyramid
19* A space alien hears them coming, pulls a cord, and disappears through a trap door in the floor
20* Bart lands on everyone's lap
21* Homer gets to the couch first and lies on it; the others sit on him
22* The seat cushions are missing; when they sit, they "fall into" the couch
23* Two burglars are holding the couch as everybody sits on it; they are dumped off and the couch is carried away
24* Santa's Little Helper is on the couch and keeps everyone else off
25* Everybody cartwheels to the couch (Maggie falls in her attempt and hops there) and strikes a "Ta-Da" pose
26* Everybody bounces up and down on the couch; Homer bounces from one side to the other
27 Everybody except Maggie bang their heads together and lie unconscious on the floor
28* Everybody stops as the couch is occupied - by the Flintstones
29 The couch swallows everybody as it transforms into a monster
30 The couch rotates 180 degrees through a secret door in the wall; an empty couch takes its place
31 As Maggie is already seated, Homer, Marge, and Bart run "past the edge of the film" and scurry back to the couch
32 Simpson-sized skeletons sit on the couch
33 The couch deflates (as if filled with air)
34* Everybody has somebody else's head, which they remove and switch
35* There's a wooden chair in place of the couch; the adults share it, with the children on their laps
36* Everybody forms a chorus line, which turns into a large production number
37 Everybody is "miniature" and must climb the "giant" couch; Maggie has to be pulled up
38 Everybody sits, just before the room is filled with other regular characters
39 Everybody gets caught in a net that was spread on the floor
40 Everybody runs into each other and shatters on the floor; Santa's Little Helper examines the damage
41* Everybody runs into each other and end up on the couch as a five-headed "blob"
42 Everybody runs into each other and there's an explosion; eventually, the pacifier lands and bounces away
43 Everybody, plus the couch, is crushed by a foot that is reminiscent of how Monty Python's Flying Circus opens
44** Everybody stops as the couch is occupied - by an identical Simpson family
45 A Zombie Simpson family crashes through the floor from below and sits on the couch
46 The couch is painted on a wall, which everybody runs through
47 A fat man takes up most of the couch; everybody squeezes into the tiny spot remaining
48** The room is dark as five pairs of eyes go to the couch; light reveals that it's only eyes, as eyeless bodies quickly enter, sit down, and reattach to the eyes
49 Everybody sits, then notice they're on the set of Late Show with David Letterman as "Dave" turns face forward
50 Everybody pokes their head up from behind the couch (Maggie does it from behind a cushion on the couch)
51 Everybody sees two couches, then they each split into two halves, each half sitting on a couch
52 Everybody is shaped like a ball and bounces around before landing on the couch and returning to normal
53 Everybody sits, then Homer gets up, rips the FOX logo from the screen corner, and they all stomp on it
54* Everybody begins seated as if on an invisible couch; the couch comes in in pieces and forms itself atop them, causing them to fall to the floor
55* The floor is well underwater, and only the tops of everybody's heads are visible until they reach the couch (Bart is using a snorkel)
56 Everybody is "beamed aboard" the couch in original "Star Trek" style (complete with sound effect)
57 Everybody enters with a mismatched head and limbs (for example, one of Bart's legs is now Lisa's right arm, and Lisa's arms are where her legs should be)
58** Everybody bounces up off the couch and gets their heads stuck in the ceiling
59** Everybody chases the couch as it, along with the back wall, moves backwards away from them
60 Everybody runs by the same TV and couch again and again, all except Maggie grinning the whole time
61* Everybody runs to the couch from a different side (Marge runs down the side of a wall) in an M.C. Escher-style house
62* The "James Bond" film opening, only with Homer in front of the couch firing the gun
63* In black & white, everybody (wearing Mickey Mouse gloves) waves their hands in circles
64* A giant Maggie, a slightly smaller Lisa, and so on down to a tiny Homer, sit on the couch
65 As the couch moves aside, everybody lines up in front of a police lineup height chart
66* The couch acts like a FAX machine, and a sheet with a picture of everybody (in couch-sitting position) comes up from the back and slides beneath it
67* Everybody, including SLH, Snowball II, and Grampa, appear in eight squares "Brady Bunch" style (with the couch in the middle); all but Grampa run to the couch
68* Everybody is wearing fezzes and drives around in minicars like Shriners
69* Everybody runs to the couch, entirely gray; the colors are then spray-painted on them
70** Everybody drops from above, hanging from their necks by nooses; Maggie still manages to suck her pacifier
71* Everybody is a wind-up doll
72* Everybody is put on the couch by a pinsetter, after Snowball II is scared off by the pin-clearing bar
73* Everybody is a sea-monkey and swims to a couch made of clam shells to stare at a treasure chest
74 A sequence of openings: 8F18, 9F02, 9F10, 9F09, 8F09, 1F02, 2F31, 2F09, 2F06, 1F17, 2F11, and 9F08
75* Homer pulls a drain plug from the floor, and everybody and everything is sucked down the drain
76* Everybody sits, then inside a mouse hole, a mouse family sits on an identical couch
77* A big game hunter sits on the couch, with a "Homer-skin rug" on the floor and the others' heads on the wall
78* Everybody sits, bathed in flourescent "black light", until Homer turns on the lamp
79* As Death begins on the couch, everybody runs up to the couch and falls over dead
80* Everybody lands on the couch via parachute except Homer, who lands on the floor with an unopened chute
81** Everybody is in western gear as they sit on the couch, when then gallops away into the desert
82** Everybody is a clear balloon, which float onto the couch and then pop
83** A takeoff on the cover of The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
84** Bart is green; Homer changes TV channels, turning Bart red; Homer slaps Bart on the head, turning him normal
85** Everybody and everything is upside-down, until everybody falls off the couch and onto the "ceiling"
86* Homer puts a coin in the "Vend-A-Couch", then bangs the back wall; the couch then falls on him
87 Everybody flies in on jet-packs; Maggie flies in last and lands on Marge's lap
88** Everybody is involved in a giant game of Whack-A-Mole; Homer ends up getting whacked
89** Grampa is sleeping in a convertible bed, which they convert back to a sofa (with him in it) and sit on it
90** The couch remains empty while everybody waits outside as Homer struggles to open the front door
91** The couch is in an "America Onlink" window, which takes its time loading everybody before being interrupted
92 The couch is sliding on the deck of a ship; when everybody (in raingear) sits on it, they are covered by a wave
93* To the tune of "Sweet Georgia Brown", everybody enters dressed as Harlem Globetrotters
94 * Everybody runs to the couch dressed in space suits; the couch then "lifts off" into space
95** Homer stands in front of the couch; the top half then comes off (and lands on the couch), revealing Marge, then Bart, Lisa, and Maggie
96* * Everybody sits on the couch, then metal helmets fall on their heads and they are shackled in before being electrocuted
97** Everybody has their rear ends on fire as they run to a water-filled couch
98** Everybody sits on the couch and is crushed into a rectangular block auto-crusher style
99* Bart spray-paints everyone onto the couch, adding an "El Barto" signature
100** Three men in towels are on the couch, which is part of a sauna
101** Everybody sits, then a human hand spins the picture around
102* The couch is inside a snow globe
103 The floor is a treadmill; Homer falls and says "Marge, stop this crazy thing!" George Jetson-style
104** Nelson pulls the couch back, and everyone ends up sitting on the floor
105* Everyone is miniature (like in 5F09), only this time Santa's Little Helper takes Homer away in his mouth
106* Everyone is a frog (Maggie a tadpole) jumping to a lily pad; Homer turns on the TV with his tongue
107** A vine grows in the middle of the room; everyone appears as a fruit or vegetable
108* * A takeoff on "Rocky & Bullwinkle" where everyone pops up from out of the ground
109* * Everyone except Bart runs into Bart's classroom, where he writes "I Will Not Mess With The Opening Credits" on the chalkboard
110** A number of Springfieldians are sitting in chairs in front of the couch, as if in a movie theater
111* * Two firemen carry the couch and catch everybody falling from above - except Homer, who falls through the floor

Freddy Kruger of A Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason of Friday the 13th sit on the couch and wonder where everyone else is

113* Marge carries in a laundry basket and hangs the others on a clothesline
114* The couch turns into an amusement park ride
115* Everybody is put under a hair dryer and ends up with someone else's hair; the weight of Marge's hair causes Maggie to tip over
116* The floor opens and everybody falls while "riding" it "Dr. Strangelove"-style
117* The couch, floating on water, hits an iceberg and sinks; Maggie resurfaces on a cushion
118** An adult Bart and Lisa and a young Homer (with a Maggie doll) and Marge go to the couch; Homer takes the remote from Lisa, but Lisa slaps his hand and he gives it back
119* Everybody slips on banana peels, but end up on the couch anyway (Maggie ends up in Marge's arms)
120** The couch is a paper shredder; everybody ends up sucked into the couch and comes out in strips
121* Everybody stops as the couch is occupied - by the Simpsons from The Tracey Ullman Show; all ten of the Simpsons run off screaming
122* Everybody is white with numbers "paint by numbers" style; artists enter and paint in the colors
123* Marge erases the Matt Groening signature on the floor; Matt appears and rewrites it (with his right hand)
124 Everybody appears as a character from a previous Halloween Special; Maggie disintegrates Lisa
125* A bouncer lets everybody except Homer onto the couch
126* A cement truck pours cement versions of everybody onto the couch; Homer breaks in two
127* The couch rotates 180 degrees through the wall, replaced by Vincent Price with Ned Flanders shackled upside-down
128* Everybody slides down a fire pole - except Homer, who gets stuck in the hole in the ceiling
129* Everybody is a crash test dummy; the couch crashes into the TV
130* A psychiatrist is sitting next to the couch; Homer lies on it and says "Oh, Doctor, I'm crazy"
131* Dressed in karate gear (with black belts), everybody chops up the couch
132* Everybody (except Maggie) is driving a bumper car; Homer is bumped by the others against the back wall
133* The couch is in Evergreen Terrace subway station; everybody gets aboard a train
134* Everybody (except Maggie) walks barefoot over hot coals
135* Everybody swings in on vines "Tarzan"-style; Homer swings out of the room
136* Bart puts a coin in the "magic fingers"; the couch vibrates its way off the screen
137* Bart puts a Whoopee Cushion under the couch seat, which Homer sits on
138* Everybody freezes in mid-air as the camera pans "The Matrix"-style from the TV to the couch
139* Everybody (except Maggie) is dressed as one of the Teletubbies (and Maggie applauds as they enter)
140* Everybody skateboards off a ramp onto the couch, except that Homer lands on the floor
141* Santa's Little Helper dances on his hind legs like Snoopy as everybody watches
142* The couch is in a fishbowl; everybody is wearing scuba gear
143* Everybody is in a football uniform and piles on a football; Maggie leaves the pile and spikes the ball
144 Everybody lands on the couch via a Futurama-style tube, except that Fry is in place of (and is then sucked up and replaced by) Bart
145* In front of a "valet" sign, the "teenage kid" pushes the couch into place
146* Everybody ice skates to the couch; Homer's end of the couch falls through the ice
147* The couch is outside a prison wall; everybody is dressed in prison clothes as they tunnel to the couch